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Note: Items may vary slightly from pictures shown below

Bus tub
$4.00 to rent
Butane burner
$15.00 to rent
Cooler 140 QT
$22.00 to rent
Fill 'N' Chill Table
$25.00 to rent
Food Carrier Front Load
$25.00 to rent
Propane Tanks (for our Gas Grills/Heaters)
$30.00 to rent
Rack, Plate Feeder Rectangular
$15.00 to rent
Rack, Plate Feeder Rectangular Round
$15.00 to rent
Sheet pans
$2.00 to rent
Super Cooler, Keg Container
$17.00 to rent
Trash Can Slim Jim
Rental Trash Can May Be Different
$10.00 to rent
Waiter Tray
$4.00 to rent
Waiter Tray Stand
$4.00 to rent
Warming Oven Sterno Hot Box (sheet pans not included)
Sterno sold separately
$77.00 to rent