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Crystal Globe 32"
Florals Not Included
$40.00 to rent
Chandelier, Crystal
$250.00 to rent
Candelabra, 6-Light Crystal Teardrop White
$30.00 to rent
Cake Stand, Crystal 13"
$20.00 to rent
Crystal Candle Holder Trio
$30.00 to rent
Chandelier "Crystal" 2' x 4'
Need additional lighting
$100.00 to rent
Chandelier "Crystal" Spiral
Need additional lighting
$75.00 to rent
Crystal Votive
$2.50 to rent
Punch Bowl, 2 Gallon Crystal
$15.00 to rent
Candelabra, 5-Light Nickle & Crystals 40"
$35.00 to rent
Candelabra, 5-Light Crystal 17"
$30.00 to rent
Crystal Chandelier
$250.00 to rent
Spiral Faux Crystal Chandelier
$75.00 to rent
$3.00 to rent